New Year, New Me

New Year, New Me

Hi to any of you readers out there!

I launched this blog just a few months ago, and I have had an overwhelmingly positive response thus far!  Making Disney inspired recipes is so much fun and I have loved creating this blog for you.

Over the holidays, I traveled around to a few different states, and ended up getting off track of my posts.  For that, I am sorry!  I’m sure you all were busy too and didn’t miss the blog one bit.  Hope your holidays were merry and bright!

Now that we are into 2018, I have been assessing my list of goals for the year.  Among them, I want to be a better blogger and create better content.  And for that, I think branching out into other areas of Disney Inspired realms would be fun for everyone!

What kind of new things would you like to see come to my blog this year?  Some ideas:

-Traveling advice to Disney World or Disneyland (with kids, different abilities, on a budget, etc)

-Disney Inspired arts and crafts to do with the family

-Attraction backstories and “Disney Lore”

-Restaurant reviews and places to eat while at Disney Parks

-How to make Disney Magic at home

Or any other ideas you might have!  Please comment below, comment on social media, or shoot me an email with ideas you have.

2018 is going to be an amazing year for all of us, so here’s to setting and keeping goals!

See ya real soon!