The Grey Stuff — It’s Delicious!



Who hasn’t seen Beauty and the Beast?  I hope everyone has seen it!  The original animated classic is so beautiful, and the music is simply stunning.

Who hasn’t seen the Beauty and the Beast Live Action?? I hope everyone has seen it also!  I love Emma Watson as an actress (and a person) and think she is a perfect Belle.  The current theme of strong independent women in film has been fantastic to watch, and I hope it continues onward.



Anyone who is even a passing fan of Beauty and the Beast can sing at least a couple of the songs.  And what line is more iconic, than

“Try the Grey Stuff, it’s delicious!

Don’t believe me, ask the dishes!”



Although Beauty and the Beast is set in pre-revolutionary France, and I’m fairly certain the “grey stuff” described in the song was most likely a Pâté of some sort — Disney World has decided to make this into a sweet treat.

Served at Be Our Guest restaurant at Walt Disney World in Florida, “The Grey Stuff” is like Oreo Pudding !  Delicious indeed!

I’ve included here several pics of my kids eating the stuff, because they truly just dove right in and devoured it.  Which I found fascinating because it honestly looks a bit intimidating and my kids are NOT open minded eaters.

Be Our Guest restaurant is a stunning place to eat at the Magic Kingdom.  Located in the waaaay back of the park, in the “New Fantasyland”, it is easy to overlook this restaurant as, perhaps, a ride.  Because there is usually a huge line snaking out of it 🙂

Inside there are 3 themed rooms you can dine in, the main Ballroom (pictured above), the “Rose Gallery”, and the West Wing.  Each room gives you a different ambiance as you dine.

This sweet treat would be a great edition to any Disney themed party, or just as a regular dessert anytime!  Super simple to make.  So, truly, Try the Grey Stuff — It’s Delicious!

Here is the recipe video — be sure to watch until the end for a super cute clip of the taste testers — my kids!!

Scroll down for the recipe!


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The Grey Stuff
The Grey Stuff Copy Cat Recipe as served at Walt Disney World in the Be Our Guest Restaurant
Course Dessert
Course Dessert
  1. Mix pudding powder with cold milk. Chill in fridge.
  2. Meanwhile, put the Oreo cookies in a food processor or blender and chop to a "bread crumb" consistency.
  3. Fold in the Cool Whip and Oreo crumbs into the pudding. Serve immediately or cover and chill for later!
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